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Isn't That What Always Happens?

Just Learning How To Smile

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Hi this is me. I am fannish. Look around, lurk, leave a comment, whatever.

Age Statement: Yes, I am over 18.
10th kingdom, addams family, amelia atwater-rhodes, anime, beeny and joon, beetlejuice, big wolf on campus, bisexual, black books, books, boondocks, breakfast club, brick, cats, charmed, comic books, cowboy bebop, crossovers, danny elfman, daria, dead poets society, dead zone, dragon ball z, due south, early edition, edward gorey, edward scissor hands, empire records, escaflowne, eureka, fantasy, feminism, firefly, flame of recca, franz kafka, frazz, fullmetal alchemist, fuzzy monsters, gargoyles, garth nix, geeks, getbackers, ghost in the shell, gilmore girls, hackers, halloween, hard core logo, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, heroes, invader zim, jacqueline woodson, james joyce, jhonen vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, justice league, karel capek, kurt vonnegut, lupin the 3rd, m*a*s*h, magnificent seven, manga, margaret peterson-haddix, merlin, mighty ducks, mocking things, music, nanowrimo, ncis, newsies, numb3rs, oceans 11, one piece, oscar wilde, pete and pete, piglet, pretender, quantum leap, queer, radio free roscoe, reading, s.e. hinton, sailor moon, sarcasm, saved!, science fiction, serial experiment lain, sky high, slc punk, slings & arrows, smallville, sports night, star trek, star trek enterprise, star trek voyager, star wars, stargate, stargate: atlantis, static shock, studio 60, stuffed demons, swing kids, sylum clan, teen titans, the american president, the beatles, the breakfast club, the crow, the flash, the hitchhiker's guide, the labyrinth, the sentinel, the west wing, tim burton, tim o'brien, toy monsters, trigun, vegan, wonderfalls, x-men, yukio mishima